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My 3 year Vision Statement

I'm a PSI graduate and a personal and leadership development junkie. I am a Napoleon Hill fan and a follower of the great thinkers. So, when I got home in July 2020, I did a 12-week personal development series refresher with Michelle Fournier that got me back on track "thinking to create" again, focusing on "living a life by design, instead of default" by envisioning my ideal life in 3 years time, and writing in all down in detail. It's a work in progress. I haven't reached all of these goals (yet), and honestly, I don't know that I still want everything on this statement anymore. I'm posting it all, because I choose to keep moving forward toward and manifesting my dreams. If I don't want alpaca or goats when we obtain the property, we won't buy them.

Here goes:

Health & Well-being:

I am fit. 135 lbs. I am strong. I feel my body supporting me as I walk, play and do my life. I work out a minimum of 3 times a week, and have a physically active life. I work my body as I garden, in my greenhouse and build outbuildings. I support birthing animals on our small farm which gives me the constant reminder of the miracle of life. Feeling new life born into my hands gives me a rush beyond words. I have a daily yoga practice and my body feels loose and systems are all working together and I am centered and strong. My breath is connected to source and Qi. I increase my heart rate regularly while working outside, I love to sweat and feel my muscles carrying heart pumping steady and strong.. I am healthy and I feel young, solid and steady. My joints and muscles are supportive and I walk my property daily. I swim in the creek...I camp and float/raft on the river. I laugh every day...sometimes til I cry. I am happy.

Love & Relationships

My marriage with Alex is a strong, communicative and positive partnership filled with love and laughter. We talk about everything and nothing. We are aligned as partners and respect each other deeply. We cherish our compatibility and our differences keep things interesting. We work hard and we play really well together. We love spending time with each other and find comfort in each other's company, even in silence. My relationships with my adult kids are strong with open communication and deep, beautiful connections that span distance easily. I FaceTime, speak & text with them and my grandbabies. I know about their lives, and support them as their biggest cheerleader. They are the same for me. I have intimate, beautiful friendships and soul connections that have stood the tests of time and trials by fire. I spend a good chunk of quality time with my bestie a few times a year, and we make it a point to stay connected and communicate often. My business relationships are plentiful, and operate in integrity and reciprocity. I am working with, behind and beside people I enjoy and respect. I have clients coming to me, asking me to do business with and do work for them.

Time & Money

I am financially free. I have liberty.

I live in the home of my dreams as my home base. It’s an 3,500 sq ft A-frame log cabin with God’s view through a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. I do yoga every day on my private yoga deck and I spend time each day tending to my rainforest located in my south-east-facing atrium. I work on my plants in my green house and gardens. The smell of soil, herbs, plants and flowers permeate the property. Every plant has been placed with intention and attention. I cherish the nutrient-rich soil, and the beauty of the exquisite collection of plants I've collected, propagated and nurtured into a thriving jungle. I give them reiki, and shower them with love and gratitude. There is a waterfall running into a lotus pond...that I spend a great deal of time on. I find inspiration and peace there. The sound of the water falling takes me away into meditative space. When I close my eyes, I envision myself standing in the flow of the river of abundance. I stand facing upstream with the flow of abundance and life coming into me effortlessly. My arms are wide open...and I am attracting, receiving and manifesting wealth and abundance. I have an over abundance of funds, all of my bills are paid in full and in advance. I have $7,000,000 USD in savings. We have a combined residual income of $20,000/month covering all of our living expenses. I support and serve causes that fulfill me and make for a better world and life for future generations. I thoroughly enjoy my career, home life, spiritual-life, travel, family and friends. My life is in balance. I have my passport again and I travel extensively, whenever and wherever I want to go.

I have a 5th wheel and I share a private plane that takes us many of the places we want to go. I have a home in both AR, and CT. I spend a ton of time with my grand babies. They give me so much joy.

I have a small hobby farm with alpaca, goats, chickens, and a duck. I breed Lhasa Apsos. I have people waiting to buy pups on a waiting list. I have plant customers reaching out to me on word-of-mouth referrals and design backyard dreamscapes & plantscape for others.

I am a world-renowned public speaker, have an incredibly successful podcast and a best-selling book. I have produced a documentary/autobiography and I am invited to do a Ted Talk.

I am centered, clear, conscious and operating in NOW. I have boundaries and I honor them. I am free. I have received a Presidential pardon, my felony record has been cleared and my reputation has been restored.

I am an equal partner in de Brantes Studios which is a successful, thriving company that provides multiple revenue streams and fully supports our household.

This...or something even greater still


If you haven't ever written your "I Am" statement or created a Vision Statement, I highly recommend doing both. Check out schedule for their upcoming Basic Seminar. It was life-changing for me. Michelle's 12-week program is fabulous and you can do it right from home. Feel free to reach out and ask questions. As always, I'd love to hear them.




Thank you for spending some time with me. I appreciate you. You aren't alone out there. I believe in you.

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